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  • This Kevin Murphy product can be purchased in our professional salon only
    A refreshing daily shampoo for men. Camphor Crystals, Bergamot Mint & Black Pepper awaken and clarify hair & scalp. Sulphate and paraben free.   How to use: Apply to wet hair and massage into hair and...
    BORN.AGAIN.WASH $28.00
    An ultra rich moisturising shampoo for extremely tortured and chemically dehydrated hair. Includes a fusion of technology and aromatherapy, a blend of micro particles, which are a complex of tiny amino acids, proteins and...
    ANGEL.WASH $28.00
    A delicate recovery shampoo for fine, fragile or broken hair that is coloured or damaged. Milk proteins control frizzy hair that may have suffered from long term medication, chemical straightening or bleaching. ANGEL.WASH...
    HYDRATE-ME.WASH $28.00
    HYDRATE-ME.WASH A super smoothing and hydrating wash for normal to dry hair. It is for hair that just cannot be repaired, for hair that is naturally dry, or for hair that lives in a very dry climate. This formulation is...
    LUXURY.WASH $28.00
    LUXURY.WASH Specifically suited for the needs of thick, coarse hair. This shampoo is designed to give the hair more flexibility and to make the hair that is normally coarse be more supple and manageable. This...
    MAXI.WASH $28.00
    A detoxifying shampoo that contains AHA’s (fruit acids) that breaks down fatty acids for a clean, clear scalp. The balancing essential oils penetrate the scalp to brighten hair and purify an oily or flaky scalp. It...