Love Notes

We have been fortunate to win 1st place in King 5 Evening Magazine's Best of Western Washington contest.  Here are some of the comments we have recieved over the years. 
This store hits it out of the park with it's combination of trendiness, value, and great service. Since I always have to tell other parents "where I got it", I didn't hesitate to vote for Bella and Max as the Best of the Best! ~ ambersdad
This store is the BEST find ever! You have to visit. Absolutely superb clothes, fantastic selection. Very friendly staff. Such a treat to find such a great store. They even have a hair salon upstairs. I'll be a regular customer forever. ~ Marji1
Great web site. Fantastic for grandparents looking for unique novelty items!! Great job Juliet, keep up the great work!! ~ jmroycroft
I always find something special and the service is superior. ~ nkhaskells
If you want ultra-hip threads for your kiddos...go to Bella and Max! They are super friendly, and their selection is awesome ~ tami14
Wonderful website for kids clothes! Locals, you are very lucky to have a store like this in your area. ~ californiamom
Bella and Max is the best! I usually dread going to childern clothing stores... but not this one. They have the coolest clothes and other gift items. I have fun looking at all their unique merchandise. And the owner is super helpful and friendly! Really wonderful store!!! ~ edward3
THE place to go for hip and unique clothes for children. It's our first stop when buying gifts for kids - or moms of kids! Juliet does a great job finding the best styles for each season. She's down to earth, warm, and helpful. You can't go wrong choosing Bella and Max as the fashion headquarters for your little ones. ~ stephanie46
Not only does Bella and Max have wonderful clothing....but the owner is warm and nice. She doesn't create a snobby atmosphere like certain other boutiques.....making what should be a fun shopping trip.....stressful and disappointing. At the Bella and Max store you feel like your part of the family. I Love that she carried local designers. You can find unique things that you won't find at any other boutiques. ~  91584
If you haven't already, you NEED to check out Bella and Max. She carries the most unique, funky-cool items. We don't have any kids of our own, but we have plenty of family and friends who do - when I want to buy a gift, this is the only place I'll go. Juliet is one of the nicest people I know. If you stop in, she will always greet you with her beaming smile! ~ karimn
Unique, professional, service oriented, inspired. Thanks Juliet for opening such a great store. What a gift to all of us looking for something special.  ~iluvpi
This is my favorite store on the eastside! I love the fact that I can take my kids for a haircut and get some shopping done at the same time. They always have a great selection of things I haven't seen around town. You can tell that a lot of hard work and research is done to bring unique and fun items into this store. Whenever I go to a baby shower I purchase my gifts here and everyone asks where I got it. They sell Knuckleheads clothing for boys which was hard for me to find and I love this brand for my little guy! Really great selection for girls, I personally love the Paper Wings and Catimini for my daughter. Customer service is spot on and honestly one of the other reasons I love this shop and return as often as possible. You deserve to named Best in Western Washington, you are in my book. Good luck! ~ janke1234
I rated this store as Amazing because it is. You can tell that a lot of hard work went into it. Juliet has a wide ranged variety of high end products. But it's not even about that... It's her fantastic personality and out of this world customer service.  With the way the world is with Corprate places and franchises now a days, you'd be lucky to get service like this every blue moon. But not here. Almost everyday Juliet is there with a smile ready to help any customer. She is just wonderful and she builds close relationships with her customers, remembering their names, asking about how their children are, and so on and so forth.  I think that this store should be named Western Washington's Best because it is. Hands down. Good luck Juliet.  ~ hawyntc2006
Juliet is AWESOME!! She is so friendly and helpful and always has time for everyone. She has really put a lot of love and hard work into her store, and it shows. Keep up the great work Juliet!! ~ woodinvillemom
I live in Austin, Texas and found Bella and Max's website while searching for specific items of clothing for my baby boy. I loved the items that I purchased, but better yet was the personalized service that I received via internet. That is rare in this age of impersonal online shopping. The handwritten thank you that accompanied my purchase was phenomenal. Thank you Juliet! I will continue to be a patron of this shop and will make a point to stop in whenever I'm in the area. ~ lauriew
Fabulous shop! Juliet is so friendly and knowledgable. My children also get their hair cut upstairs and always look forward to going there. It is always a great experience shopping there. People are always asking me "where did you get . . . . ?" or "where did your daughter get her hair cut?" and the answer is always Bell and Max! ~ poohup
If you're looking for something truly unique for your well dressed kid, then this place is it. If you're looking for something that no other well dressed kid will be wearing, then this place is it. If you're looking for a great gift that no one else will be giving, then this place is it. If you're looking for a locally owned store where the owner is actually there running the place and talking with her customers, then this place is it.  Juliet is always on the look out for the coolest, cutest, and funnest clothes. Makes me wish that I was a kid's size too. . .  ~ cambelitto
Bella and Max is a great find. Juliet is very warm and inviting. It's easy to shop in her boutique. She introduced to me a line of well priced handmade nursing covers created by a local artist that are both functional AND stylish. I've received so many compliments on this nursing cover. Every nursing mother should have one of these as they keep Mommy discreet, Mommy can see the baby, the baby can't pull this cover off while nursing and expose Mommy, and Mommy's hands remain free from holding a blanket. I came back and purchased another cover for a pregnant friend. Bella and Max also carries lot of other fun, unique and organic items. ~ mommyofG's
Bella and Max is the sweetest childrens store. This is the place I go for unique items, gifts and to preview the latest and greatest in childrens items. I highly recommend this store. Juliet is fantastic and obviously has a passion for what she does. ~ stephmccarthy
Beautiful store in the charming Bothell Country Village. I always enjoy chatting with the owner, Juliet and browsing the fun items she sells. When I call to schedule a hair cut she remembers me and my daughter. The salon upstairs is perfect for kids. My daughter especially enjoys the free train ride with every hair cut. It's a little train with cars that's driven by a conductor around Country Village--that itself is worth the haircut. If you feel overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of city life, stop on in at Bella and Max. This charming store and the Country Village will bring you back to a quieter more peaceful world of yesterday. ~ jesshock
Bella and max is the perfect baby/children's clothing store! It has a really nice selection, but it's also small enough for the owner to remember you when you stop in! It has an amazing selection of trendy baby/children's clothing with a mix of precious timeless clothes as well. There's always something new to check out! Bella and Max is a must for any parent, grandparent, expecting parent, or gift giver who wants to purchase something that will be unique and cute ~ michele17
I found this store while searching for an obscure New Zealand brand online and decided to make a special trip to see it in person. Juliet is so friendly and knowledgable about children's clothing. Her selection is unique in the Seattle area and I love that she takes chances on lesser known brands. ~ clariceak
My granddaughter lives in Houston so I am constantly on the lookout for cute unusual clothes to send to her. Bella and Max is my favorite! I have to control myself there are sooo many adorable outfits to choose from. Also great accessories - many made locally. ~ Leeannt
Love Bella and Max. My daughter loves to get her hair cut and her nails done in the salon upstairs too! Great clothes, great people! Keep it up! ~ cutiepiecielo