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COVID 2020 Updates and Thank You

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Update and Thank You

We have been diligent and overtly going through Covid sanitation protocols since February 2020. Yes, February. When we first heard through friends from Italy and Japan that a virus was hitting their countries hard and the President banned travel from China and Europe, we knew it was a matter of time before this awful virus would make it to the United States. Then a client brought in her son who felt warm and when asked her reply was, "Oh, his Tylenol must be wearing off - he had a fever of 105 this morning". Three sick kids were in that day. It was here. We just knew it and we didn't need to hear that from the Governor or anyone else. It was time to step it up. 

Needless to say the cans of Lysol, containers of Clorox Wipes were brought out and spread all throughout the salon in places we normally wouldn't have them. Signs were posted and our already super sanitary salon kicked in to high gear. The train table in the waiting room was thrown away, all toys were pulled and we washed our hands so much the drain in the restroom clogged with hair and our skin was peeling off. Then we were closed down for two weeks to slow the spread. That turned in to  three long months. Luckily we were allowed to re-open just in time, on June 8th. A business that took 15 years to build, we were about to close our doors for good.

We feel so fortunate that it is the beginning of December and we are thankfully, gratefully open. Yes, it is only at 25% capacity and boy it has been hard missing all the milestones with our clients. We missed spiffing up for Easter photos, end of the school year, the start of a new school year and now Christmas / Holiday photos. These are some of the busy times that carry us through our slower times. But we are grateful, especially for our loyal and kind clients, the families that keep coming in and support our small local business.

With all that said, we still have to follow Covid mandates from the Governor of Washington. Please be patient with us. We have to ask you to wait in your car until your appointment time - we will come out and get you. We've been running on time for the most part as we have the whole sanitation process down to a science now, but things happen and we may get 5 or 10 minuted behind, but that is rare. MASKS, you need them to enter the building and must wear them while in the building. Kids 5 and under are not required to wear them and honestly, especially with little boys, hair goes down in the mask or pokes through from the the outside in, even if it is super snug. So you might want to bring an extra mask. We also have super cute ones for sale. We will post the official "Rules" but this post is just meant as an update of what we have been though and the basics of what we need to all do to stay open. Pretty much masks, wash your hands, don't touch your face and please (please, please please) don't come in sick. We all know this. 

We hope everyone also knows that we are still super sanitary and we are a safe place to come in and get your hair cut. In fact, feeling good about yourself, self care, is so important. It is so easy to just let things go because well, we can't really go places or do much People are working and going to school on their computers at home. Staying on a routine and taking care of ourselves is good for everyone no matter what. The smiles we see on people of all ages (kids to grandparents) after a simple haircut is priceless. It truly does make a difference to the psyche and gives a good little mental health boost to just take care of our hair, Maybe this sounds weird, but it is true we see it and we see the shift - if even for a brief moment - of joy to just look good and all cleaned up. We are doing this safely and actually, it makes us happy too.

Christmas and the New Year is around the corner, so make an appointment and hey, this is a great time to try that pink or purple hair or go for that daring cut you alwyas wanted to try but were afraid to (because hair grows back!). Let's do this, we are here for you.