Forget mundane styling, boxed-in standards and anything conventional. Introducing INDIE HAIR, a fresh new line of bold products designed to give you the freedom to mix products, change up your look and just be you.

INDIE HAIR is color-safe, gentle for all hair types and contains all gluten-free and paba-free formulas. The range consist of: hair spray #superfirm, polish #mixitsoft, gel #mixitstrong, putty→clay #wreckit powder #round2, shampoo_bodywash #cleansweep and a conditioner #untangled.

Each product is spiked with My Indie Complex (MIX), a custom blend of key ingredients specifically designed to amplify your style. Within each individual product, there are key ingredients, creating the individualized MIX needed to give blah hair strength, moisture, shine or whatever it needs to bounce back.

This alternative product range gives your hair the freedom to stand out. From hold, matte texture or big volume with shine - you can be sure that every styling need will get the attention it’s begging for