Glop and Glam

The beloved brainchild of rockin’ hair stylist momma Andrea Ridgell, Glop & Glam is popular among both parents and kids for offering honest, pure and fashionably fun hair care. Involved in the beauty industry since the early age of 16, Andrea knows more than just a thing or two about healthy hair care. After seeing a void in the market, Andrea, along with her husband Nathan, decided to develop a hair care collection that was both health conscious and kid-friendly -- Glop & Glam. Devoted to keeping kids out of beauty harm’s way, they uncovered replacements for every harmful ingredient inside the bottle while maintaining a sugar high of youthful energy.


Safe for baby soft and sensitive skin, Glop & Glam’s unmatchable formulas are naturally tear-free and rid parabens, alcohol and sulfates. Each product has been infused with blends of nutrient-rich raw extracts like Aloe, Echinacea and Green Tea, creating a signature hair hydration system to keep strands well-nourished and full of moisture. Andiroba Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Quassia Amara Wood Extract have also teamed up inside the bottle to serve as an effective lice preventative, keeping those unwanted little bugs far, far away from little heads.


Top of their class in manageability and fun, Glop & Glam’s easy-to-use styling serums battle bedhead, promotes growth and protects hair from damaging toxins while livening locks with their addicting aromas of candy apple, banana, watermelon, bubble gum, creamsicle, cake batter and chocolate. These delicious scents may smell good enough to eat but we insist these products only be used for styling and not for snacking! A friend of all hair types and a hair collection that kids can call their own, Glop & Glam keeps little ones looking their best throughout the day by providing va-va volume, hard candy hold and semi-sweet shine.

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  • Glop and Glam Cake Batter Hydrating Conditioner
    Cake Batter Hydrating Conditioner $14.00 Add To Cart
    DESCRIPTION Bath time can be a piece of cake with Glop & Glam Cake Batter Conditioner!  Treat tresses to a dessert of moisture and hydration by lathering locks from roots to ends and “baking” for 3...
  • Candy Apple Moisturizing Shampoo
    Candy Apple Moisturizing Shampoo $14.00 Add To Cart
    They say that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” so why not shampoo with Glop & Glam’s Candy Apple!  Much more than your average bubbles, these suds work overtime in balancing nutrition and...
  • Blueberry Blast Clarifying Shampoo
    Blueberry Blast Clarifying Shampoo $16.00
    Blueberries pack a powerful punch of healthy rewards.  These little blue dynamos are one of nature’s highest sources of anti-oxidants.  They pop, blast, burst and bounce their way into our Blueberry Blast...